Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Reflection about "The Mission" movie

The Mission was absolutely one of the best films I have seen and I regret not having the privilege of watching this beforehand. But I found myself emotionally devastated after seeing this film the first time. The film packs a punch in its contrast between the beauty of nature and human self-sacrifice on the one hand and the depths of human self-interest and ruthlessness on the other. Its theme is as relevant today as it was in the 1600s - what are the consequences of my actions, and what price must be paid by me and by others as a result? The film depicts several characters with whose choices the viewer can identify - the missionary, the repentant killer, the papal legate - and gives no easy answers to the choices that confront them. But the fact that there are no easy answers doesn't let them off the hook. In the end, they all have to take responsibility for what they do or fail to do.
There are many great movies but The Mission is in a class of its own. It belongs to a select group of films which are able to penetrate our lives and change us forever. The powerful themes of forgiveness, love, innocence, guilt, freedom, and human nature are presented against a backdrop of incredible scenery. At first glance The Mission is a story about a political struggle. Upon closer examination it is no less than divine revelation about the nature of the human heart. Rarely does a film have all the elements in film making all come together so perfectly. I can honestly say that this is THE BEST film I have ever seen, and the most powerful film I have seen. I always said that some films are 'one' of the best, but I can truly say that this is THE Best film I have seen. The cinematography is excellent, excellent casts, and an awesome score.Moreover, the movie has extended violent ending, and sometimes is shocking in that finale. But what made this film even more impacting was the fact that it was based on true accounts. So the question arises: How could we as humans be so brutal towards others who have every right to freedom and happiness? A must see film that will open your eyes to the harsh reality of slavery and those who desperately fought for their rights. Though they lost the battle, their cry for equality lives within the chronicles of time. The actors played a wonderful role to tell the story of a torn civilization. In addition, this movie has many excellent features. It contains wonderful camera work in breathtaking scenery, an impressive score, and generally good performances. All these things make the film quite powerful, and it can really draw the viewer in. But there are a number of historical inaccuracies. This is quite important, because the film begins with the words "This is a true story that actually took place in 1750." The movie's portrayal of the Indians, and their relationship to the missionaries, has been attacked by historians, among other aspects.

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