Monday, October 12, 2009


I am not a good adviser
I am a woman of hunger.
I am not lazy, but I face poverty
In every argument, I was left behind, you see.

Sometimes I was called Ignorant,
For I talked only one thing.
Hay! they laugh because they don't understand
No one knows even those noble kings.

OK, you are wise which I considered
For you spoke about things w/ no fear
but please don't laugh at me if I wonder
cause I act to show that I'm aware.

I am ignorant and it is a night of my mind,
but it's night had its own moon and stars.
It never turn brightly as the moon
who conquered his own galaxy
For this stars had their own in the milky way

I am a star who had my own shine
In everything I seen some I've used to defined
we don't have the same perception
In fact we have different mind and vision
and we can reformed a new idea to command our own.


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