Thursday, October 8, 2009

The best choice

"When one makes a choice, she irrevocably binds herself to the consequences of that choice"
Making decision is one of the hardest thing i am struggling. I am always looking for its positive and negative side, yet, if i chose one, my pessimistic thoughts will arise. That is why, i always seek my friends advices and always offer it to our almighty God. Thus, i am always aware and prepare for the consequences that awaits for the one chosen.
However, is my course taken is my choice? Definitely not. Yes, it is. But even this is not my choice, i learned to loved it because of its significance to our society especially to many indigenous peoples who are always seeking for an education. Perhaps, this is not what we called 'choice' but instead it is my 'destiny', which is really planned by our creator.
I am happy then, because i do really feel my existence. I exist, to extend my hand through teaching not only in the for corners of a classroom but also living and touching the lives of people in the community who inspires me a lot to work and study hard. Indeed, teaching is not my choice but i believe this is a best choice i have done in my life.

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