Thursday, October 8, 2009

footprint's in Richel life

God’s must be Crazy: A Movie Reflection
By: Richel N.Daonlay
The movie truly teaches us great lesson in life. That simply meant to be a source of comfort and encouragement. It allows us to take a deeper look not for ourselves but for others too. It provides us a wider horizon to understand, respect, and appreciation, to the commonality and differences of humankind.
It is a heartwarming one, as it tells about the life of being an indigenous people living in those area far a apart from the strong flux of modernization. Well maybe we would simply laugh at it but it gives an ultimate understanding about their unique culture, custom and practices this kind of people are persevering for, which self-evidently gives us wider perspective that they too are educated which the more civilized one are hard to understand with. Their life is a feature of simple living. They live simply and yet happy. And truly it is only when we have contentment we could found the real happiness that comes from within.
The presence of differences among people around the world is indeed creates gap from nation among nation. But if only then we have our openness to accept others of what they are and what they have then we could build a better future for our country where people loves peace and serenity. Acceptance is an important ingredient where we could live in harmony with others. We should not forget where we came from as it serves our compass of where we are going for tomorrow. Respect also for others is indeed a great thing for us to build a brighter future where people only love peace and serenity. Let us avoid also comparing ourselves to one another but rather let’s open our mind and hearts that we too are exactly unique from one another. Let’s celebrate altogether our commonality but strive hard to respect our differences for us to live in harmony.

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