Thursday, October 8, 2009

THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY-reflection and realization

The Gods must be crazy was a great film directed by Jamie Uy’s. It focuses on the indigenous people in Kalahari Desert. In producing this film his intention was in trying to capture one’s heart. Direct Jamie was a brilliant person for his sense of what was really the need of the televiewers, and that’s why he use genre on that film was comedy and this was one of his best comic masterpiece. He knows that in making comedy film, the more laughter’s the more lessons will be learned. Additionally a person who has a big part of that film was Paddy O’Byrne he was a great help for those people love to see this film he was a best narrator of that movie, in his narration people would really understand better about the movie.We could relate in this film that it is not only here in the Philippines have an indigenous people, but IP’s exceed also all throughout the world.
Nowadays, we can really see that there were many IP’s who are striving to protect and preserve their culture, beliefs and tradition, through with that, can be pass to the new coming generation that awaits ahead IP’s struggle to live peace and in justice.
After watching the film I realize how grateful I am, that I become an educated one and become aware of those things happen surrounds me. Respect has been emphasized by this film, as what the movie shown to us that those persons are strangers in Kalahari Desert they respected those beliefs and culture of the indigenous people of that area. In making things we should limit our confines and has its own grounds of where we are going to place off. So, we can avoid painting hurt towards individual personality.

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