Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mother, Oh Mother Dear

One should be so blessed
To have a loving mother,
Always giving her best,
Bonded to each other.

Mother, oh mother dear
You were there everyday,
Always so very sincere,
Teaching me to pray.

Mother, oh mother dear
As laughter filled the air,
You taught me to play,
And to always be fair.

Then came the day
God called your name,
Now in heaven you stay,
Burning your eternal flame.

Mother, oh mother dear
I miss you so much,
As on my cheek I feel a tear,
And I hunger for your touch.

Mother, oh mother dear
You listened to my prayers,
you gave me back my cheer,
And wiped away my tears.

Mother, oh mother dear
You blessed me with Ann,
She takes away my fear,
And always has a plan.

Ann I'm blessed by your love
That I pray I'm worthy of,
Your my blessing from above,
Mother, oh mother dear.

Posted by: Matimawa Aiza

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