Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Most wonderful!

“Life is the most wonderful thing in this complex "
Life is full of hardships, problems that challenge us to go beyond in our struggle in this challenging world. Life is so colorful and meaningful when we live it good and face it with our fullest potential. Here are the sad and good experiences and happenings that taught us to build a strong foundation in life. Those events leave us memorable and unforgotten memories. Sometimes every memory could say a remembrance in which we keep it as a treasure wherever and whenever we are. It is only evidence that there is no other wonderful thing in this world except LIFE.

Thus, many people say that life is akin to a journey. As you have noticed, for every infant born he or she accompanied already his expedition. And, if you have observed also that every infant born is punching in their palm. This means, he or she is saying “I’m prepared to my journey. And, for those people died, they open their palm which means “I’m already done to my journey”. That is how magnificent life is. For this reason, one principle in my life is molded and serves as my guide, which is “In everything happens there is a reason”.
Again this is Ma. Wanesa, facing the wonder of life. And discovering the mission of mine in this world.

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