Monday, October 5, 2009


It was calm evening of Saturday, the wind blows feel me colder and colder that tend me to stretch my old blanket. I want to sleep, yet my mind wanted to reminisce some past of my life. Oh! I remember my dear grandparents who nurture me while my parents are working. I cant really forget those days i am living with them. Oftentimes, after my class my grandmother and I went to the river to catch fishes for our viand that night. I am very happy if we catch those big fishes. Then, we went home and surrender all the catch fishes to my grandfather for his fire. Yehey!... the most awaited moment our dinner. While we are eating my grandmother will ask about my studies especially in mathematics because they know, i do really love that subject. Burpbp!.. We're full enough. My grandmother will wash the dishes, my grandfather will prepare our bed and I will sit in the ladder nearly in the window and watch the stars while dreaming. Alas! My 'Ina', i called to my grandmother finished her task. However, our day was not yet ended, instead while i am lying my 'Ina' will comb my hair with her fingers, while my 'Ama', my grandfather is telling a story about our tribe. The story will end if they know that i am already sleeping. How they will know that i am sleeping already. Oh!... My grandparents knew how tactful i am. I keep on asking and asking about the story.
OhHh! I feel sleepy. How can I sleep?.. I also remember, while my grandfather keep on telling a story my grandmother will say 'Ad'iyo' every after scene of the story ( Ad''yo is a tagbanua term, which means you are respecting the person who is a story teller and a sign that you are listening attentively.). I missed that word... On the other side of the world... That was when i was in elementary... But how about now?... For four years, i never heard this word again. Is this one symptom that our native story is gradually faded? I feel sad.
I said, 'Marj, don't feel sad. You will become a teacher, it is a challenge for you to sustain those practices that you have learned from your grandparents.' Ehuh! I do agree. But how do i make it in the midst of modern educational system used in our society? Chanting and chatting about tribal folktales are not possible today. The interest of youth are in modern entertainment in which helps their culture vanish.Can next generation will hear Adi'yo like me?
Good night. I do really feel sleepy. I will having my class tomorrow.

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