Thursday, October 8, 2009

cherry's reflection about the movie" THE VILLAGE"

The movie “the village” was finding me as a suspended and a little mysterious movie. The message behind the sense is too meaningful for me. The movie shows a lot of learning that could woke up those as sleep in the reality.
I reflect and learn from the senses which strike me most and its characters rule. First, being a blind is not easy but it is not the hindrance to do well and help others. The message that I found is that we should not still as sleep and pretend that we don’t see what the reality is. Because even a blind people knows what is the real happening to their surroundings. Second, it shows that individual can help and save our own society even those disable person. Third, conflict inside the community, its shows that conflict against our neighbor is happening even before. Fourth, selfishness can be resulted a conflict or death. It shows that too much in everything is dangerous and harmful. Addition to that, it is reality that even you want simple life you must under go struggles to be surpassed. Its reality that sacrifices is our twin in life. Either we like it or not but it’s also a choice of individual. If people have a passion to sacrifice then, there is no possible in reaching our goal in life.
Indeed, I realize that we should been look behind the words of others said. In life people must be face and take the situation because accepting the reality is set individual to free. Lastly, even how good you are to others, that person you trust a lot are sometimes the one who full you in the risk.


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