Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who Knows What the Future Will Bring for everyone

I know you may not believe me
The answer is not clear
But if I can let you see
I am trying to get rid of my fear.

I'm seeking my feelings from up above
All our memories seemed to go too fast,
The answer may end in what we think is love
Unlike what it did to us in the past.

By the time you read this, you'll be in a different place
You can be gone anywhere to a year,
And it might be difficult to trace
So this is not so hard to hear.

The years will come and go
By then I'll be off to college,
And it will seem like a long time ago
When we both needed more of our knowledge.

So this is my dream
Maybe in the future we can be one
A pronounced team
Saying that we finally won.

The timing for now
Won't be good for either of us
We just can't let this allow
And this seems like a must

When both of us have our futures set straight
I will have to admit
That it seems like our fate
For each other, one will be in it.

For the time being
Lets still remain the best of friends
It won't be like I'm fleeing
Because of love will never end.

For the both of us the future is our calling
Both of us doing the things we want to do
The answer and wait might be appalling
But that is our final clue.

It might be our destiny to be together
Only the future knows the best
Maybe we will be with one another forever
Or that can be one's final test.

Sure we can still text and call
As best friends should
Still let us not go down and fall
I knew all along we could.

So farewell my friend, the Marine
I'm so very much proud
Fighting for ones country, and wearing the brave green
I just want to shout that out loud.

Wherever time may set
Our friendship will remain strong
Like ever since the day we met,
It might as well be written in song.

Can't wait to see you in a year or so
May it be then or not when we start our love
We will just have to wait to know
And listen for our message set from above

For now let what I have written all be true!
I can't express how proud I am of you!
You are.
The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

By: Amanda Hegedus
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  1. HELLO DEAR...
    I'm lucky to have you as my friend...thanks a lot for everything.I know forever is not enough to cherished those memories we share but hope... Though whatever life may take...your a best friend I've ever meet...Someday we will be separating our ways...hope even we will be separated by time and place you would not forget...the things we share in A HOME CALLED PAMULAAN....GOD BLESS ALWAYS.....RICHEL

  2. Yes we cannot hold the time and the things ahead...but one thing we need to be certain....the place where you will be going after here on earth....DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH...RICHEL