Saturday, September 12, 2009

footprints in Richel's life


By: Richel N. Daonlay

We really feel blessed for giving the chance to attend the 10th anniversary of Cartwheel. Not only because (for some of us) it’s their first time to board on an airplane nor to visit Manila but because we had met those people who had been the reason why we are enjoying a free tertiary education. Listening to the stories how Cartwheel started and the experiences of their volunteers, seems melted our hearts as we realized the hardship of Cartwheel through the years. Indeed, their stories had touched our hearts. They are not IP’s but they had sacrificed their time, effort and money just to bring education in the IP communities. As they only have one dream for the IP youth’s like us -- to avail a quality education.
Truly, we had been inspired by those people we had met in the celebration. And from that encounter we become more inspire. The sacrificial endeavor of Cartwheel family together with those people behind its undying effort is enough for us to strive harder and make good in our studies. Every one of us promised to really finish our studies because this is the only thing Cartwheel is asking from us. And that is to develop ourselves to the fullest and never waste time in our studies. They challenge us to learn more and developed ourselves to become people oriented and a service centered graduates someday. As Cartwheel grantees we would do our best in our studies because this is the only way we can pay back the kindness and sacrifices of Cartwheel and our dearest sponsors. Their vision and commitment to support us are enough for us to treasure the opportunities given to us.

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