Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reflection about reading

“Reading is considered as the key that unlocks the door of enlightenment and enjoyment and the basic tool for learning.”
How reading is is important to us as individual? Why is it we need to develop our reading skills as early as we are? Truly reading is very important skill must develop that without it or lack of it will greatly affect an individual’s adjustment in life. Why? It because where ever we go whatever we do reading is always involve in our daily life. Even in market place, in bus terminal and even we go to plaza it is being accompanied with reading.
I choose this article because I am being inspired on this article. It is a challenge for me as parents of future. Being a parent he or she plays a vital role in developing and enhancing reading skills of their children. I believed that learning’s begins at home. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to teach our children as early as they are. Not only reading that they must develop but also in all aspect of their learning such as speaking listening, writing, and comprehension skills.
In addition, we must bear in our mind that in developing the reading skills of our learners must start as early as they are or else before they go to school so that they are prepared for their next level of their learning.
The main point of this article is that the significant role of reading is within the grasp if we start early. In this point parent plays an essential role in forming the foundation in learning process of our learners. Parents must encourage and motivate their young’s to read any reading materials and provide them as well to be able them to learn. For instance, to expose them a story books that correspond pictures in order for them to develop their comprehension skills not only they read but they also enjoy seeing the pictures. According to Murray’s interactive Theory postulates that reading is an interactions involving the reader and the text they read. Another is that learners also must expose in music or sound in order for them to recognize words. Furthermore, when child go to schools the supervision of the parents not ended up. Teachers are only one of the supporting people in nurturing the learning skills of the learners. Parents and members of the family are the main significance person to help children succeed in their reading abilities.
Thus, according to the author of this article we must lay down our weapons in the old reading war and engage new troops in the right kind of reading. So as parents we must do everything in order that our learners must engage in learning. Provide everything learning textbooks and pictures that can developed their learning process.
As I assess in this article, the interpretation of the author is fair. It is true that when you develop the skill of the children it must be as young as they are because they can easily grasps the lesson they teach from them. Another, their brain is like an empty paper which means their minds spacious for learning process, the entire lesson you teach them they can easily encode their minds. Also it better to teach the children if they are in the processes of learning. Moreover, children also can easily recognize words.
Each of us has different learning experiences. As a member in urban communities my learning experience is different from the learning on the learners in rural areas with a complete of learning materials. Maybe their learning process is more advanced than ours. Thus, there are many factors that affect on these situations. First, the families background of the learners it because the parents didn’t encourage the learners to learn more. For example for my experience during my childhood days my parents cannot really supervise me it because they have knowledge but enough because on their childhood days their parents didn’t teach them also. I cannot regret them because as parent of mine they also do their responsibility to us. Another reason parent doesn’t want their children go to school it because it is better to them to help in the farm rather than to go to school to learn. Second, the teacher factors, for instance the number of classes instead of five days it turns in three days because the school is far from the home of the teachers where she taught. Maybe also the behavior the teacher, the way she taught to the children and the attitudes as well that can affect the learning process of the learners.
I therefore conclude, in teaching a child to become a good reader is that we most start in early stage because in this stage the minds of our learners can capture easily the lesson that being teach to them. We must start even from birth to develop their reading skills ability so that they make it a habit and skills as early as they are. Furthermore, at early stage we can set up their reading skills to build their cognitive aspect of learning as well as their comprehension skills.
Thus, in developing the learning process parents must get entail because I strongly believed that parents know best for their children. Parents have a big part in the learning process of the learners.

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